About EXO Energy: Premier Solar Installers in California

Expert Consultation: Designing a Custom Solar Solution for Your Home

Going solar provides numerous benefits. By using your own solar electricity, you can significantly lower your electric bills from the utility company. This is because you are using less of their electricity, which is typically more expensive than solar-generated electricity. Additionally, going solar protects you from future utility rate hikes, as the sun won’t charge you more tomorrow than it did today. By making and using clean, non-polluting power, you can also feel good about doing your part to help solve the climate change crisis.

The number of solar panels your home needs depends on factors such as the size of your home and your location. To determine the appropriate number of panels for your home, EXO’s professional estimators will conduct a survey of your house and design a solar system tailored to your energy needs.

While the process of installing the panels only takes a day or two. The process from consultation, to design, then installation takes an industry average of 140 days. However, at EXO we have this down to a science and are able to have projects done in 112 days on average.

The cost varies greatly based on:

  • The equipment

  • The size of your solar energy system

  • Your electricity needs.

Although there is no wrong time to install solar, waiting until summer in California can come with a few disadvantages. First, as temperatures rise, so does the demand for solar installation. This seasonal surge in demand can result in longer wait times for installation. This is particularly important because designing your solar system, completing the installation, and waiting for your utility company to activate it can take several months. If you wait until June to begin the process, you may miss the chance to reduce or eliminate your high electricity bills during the peak summer months in California.

Shading can be a problem as solar does operate best when the system is capturing direct sunlight. We will evaluate your particular situation and provide the perfect system for you.

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